Measurements for the mining industry has its own characteristics. It is so important that it is a separate speciality and requires appropriate qualifications. The provisions of Geological and Mining Law regulate it in details. The same provisions impose the obligation to hold and update the relevant documentation onto entrepreneurs and thus to accomplish measurement works.


We provide services at the area of open-pit mining plants and facilities in the scope of accomplishment of measurements, preparation of documentation and supervision of taken operational actions by a mining surveyor. We also do other standard geodetic and cartographic works as well as perform measurements resulted from current needs. We establish, maintain updated Land Information Systems to facilitate the management of exploitation and resource deposits. With our clients we get bound for years and our cooperation often starts with documenting the deposits before getting the concession for their exploitation.

Our company stands out above others thanks to long-term experience and application of modern measurement techniques. Satellite measurements, extremely efficient at open cast mines are our primary method of measurement. We successfully use photogrammetric methods or laser scanning and find them irreplaceable in inventories of quarry walls for example or while calculating the volume of extracted minerals. We use echo-sounding equipment at the plants and facilities where the exploitation takes place from under the water. All measurement data are collected and recorded in an automated manner. It allows full digital processing of all the information and thus making the digital version of the documentation.