Satellite navigation systems like GPS have been present not only in tourism or communications but also in geodesy. There is nothing surprising in it as one of the basic tasks of geodesy is to determine the position of objects in space. The difference lies only in the obtained precision values and thus also the used measuring equipment. It is the technology which has revolutionised surveying works in many fields, significantly facilitating and accelerating them. It also enabled the accomplishment of certain tasks which have been unworkable till recently.


In our company we have used the technology of satellite measurements since the company establishment. Our receivers use signals not only from satellites of the American system - GPS but also from the Russian one - GLONASS or the European system - GALILEO being under construction. They can work both autonomously and in cooperation with the networks of reference stations, including the multifunctional precise satellite positioning system - ASG-EUPOS.


The long-term experience, equipment and software owned by us cause that we make use of not only the RTK method which is popular among numerous surveying companies and ensures sub-centimetre accuracies but also other methods, including the static method, which allow us to obtain sub-millimetre accuracies. Thus, using the technology of satellite measurements, we perform both mapping and topographic measurements as well as accomplishment works which do not require millimetre accuracies as well as high-precision engineering measurements, including monitoring of shifts and deformations.