Generally speaking, photogrammetry stands for performing measurements based on recorded images. In our company it means that photographic images are made with appropriate equipment (camcorder) outdoors and the entire measurement process is moved to office. Photogrammetry is a very objective method. Registered images contain much more content than it was reflected by means of traditional measurements. It also represents valuable archival materials. The very method of making photographs which we make in a split of second from some distance causes that this is an irreplaceable method for measuring inaccessible objects, when in movement, or with rapidly changing properties.


Photogrammetric methods of measurement in our company were successfully implemented in 2007. Today they are full-fledged measuring methods which support other technologies applied in our company. We specialise in short-range, both ground as well as aerial, digital photogrammetry. For shooting in the air we use aerial lifts and platforms, our customised balloon, powered gliders, remote controlled flying models, or we hire a plane.


The use of photogrammetric methods of measuring is extremely broad. The tasks most often accomplished by us include: architectural and building inventories, inventories of archaeological sites, conservation works, inventories of complex industrial and engineering premises, volumetric measurements of landfills made of bulk materials, monitoring of shifts and deformations as well as inventories of operational progress at opencast mining plants and facilities, in particular quarries.